The Long View

My journey into the minds and hearts of these regional pastors who have wasted themselves for the Gospel's impact in the Capital District led me to Hoosick Valley Community Church last Thursday and to lunch with Clyde McCaskill, who pastors there. Clyde has been pastoring here in the region for 24 years and has followed the Apostle Paul's words in I Thessalonians 2:8 where he said that he did not share the gospel only, but his life as well. I was struck by Pastor Clyde's heart for his community. He is the "pastor" in his town - to his flock but also to his community. He advised me to do the same. To give and sow and to patiently wait for fruit. This is not an overnight thing, but a long process of health and maturity. Clyde has indeed taken the "longview" in ministry and cautioned me to do the same. Change, he said, is difficult to lead in ministries. In fact, his greatest struggles have come on the heels of change. His remedy? Simply trust God - for it is His church, not ours. Well spoken. The highlights of his ministry these last 24 years are relationships he has forged over time and is enjoying today. However, had he not persevered and endured, he would not be enjoying those beautiful relationships in this season. A gentle reminder to me that this takes time - so slow down a bit and enjoy it.

In addition to my pastoral visits, my studies in Ephesians have been a blessing this past week as I have been wrestling with Paul's words in verses 1-14 of chapter 1. What is it that we have been given in Christ? To what end did God lavish his grace upon us in Christ? And why us? Praying for guidance as I begin the series this Sunday at 10am @ Temple. Those who are able, please join us.

Our missions conference has been quite a blessing. Spending time with Jay Jackson, the Moore's, Perry Hooge, and the Brooks' has been a joy, to say the least. More about that later in the week.

thank you for following our leadership transitions here at Temple. God has promised to walk with us through this season the same way he accompanied us through the past ones as well. Settling into new roles and responsibilities has been a challenge, but an enjoyable one at that. Continue to pray for our church, her influence here in the Capital District and globally, and for the men who have been tasked by God to lead Temple. Thank you for your loving support. May God bless with fruitful ministry and kingdom impact.

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  1. The missions conference was also a blessing to my heart. I keep remembering our reading for the OTC challenge and the words in Ezekiel keep coming back to mind..That they will know that I am the Lord...That my people will know that I am the Lord...That the nations will know that I am the Lord...When God keeps repeating something, it is something we need to pay attention to. Why did He do these things??? So that we will know "That He is the Lord"..Just my thoughts. Jay Jackson spoke to this old heart of mine, to again, remind me who needs to be on the throne of my heart...So others I come in contact with will also "Know that He is the Lord". What an awesome task, and one I feel so unworthy to fulfill.
    Thank you Pastor Matt for sharing your thoughts and progress during this learning phase of your ministry. We are blessed.